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JoAnne Wahlstrom


The Nature Within

We live in an amazing world, surrounded by breath-taking and awe-inspiring visions. To capture and chronicle those images - in a moment of time - takes passion, imagination, and technical mastery. Believing "we take the photo, so the photo takes us", JoAnne evokes vision, feeling, and soundscapes in her photographs, thus bringing clarity, knowledge, and intimacy to her remarkable work.

The Artist

JoAnne Wahlstrom is a nature and architectural photographer whose work has been showcased at US Bank, Landmark Center, The Garden Club of America, and the Minnesota State Fair, earning best-in-class and best-in-show accolades. Her singular ability to see a work of art through the lens of a camera has evolved from her multi-layered success in the graphic, textile, and fine arts fields. Wahlstrom serves as a juror for national Garden Club of America competitions.


JoAnne Wahlstrom
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